Kamenari — a village of bricklayers, a transport hub and the Little Paris
A village of bricklayers, a transport hub and the Little Paris
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Irina Ryseva
Author: Irina Ryseva
Translation: Vera Root

Kamenari is a small village on the bank of the Verige Strait in the Bay of Kotor. It is known primarily because of the ferry that travels between Kamenari and Lepetane, which almost like a bridge on the Adriatic highway, which connects the Herceg Novi region with Tivat and the rest of the coastline.

A ferry costs 4.5 euros for cars, 1 euro for bicycles, and is free for pedestrians.

Ferries in the Verige Strait, Kamenari, Montenegro

Various projects are being proposed for the construction of a bridge across the Verige Strait, and disputes about the protection of the natural and historical heritage do not subside. But for now, the ferry service is the main transport solution for a large number of vehicles in Montenegro and the entire Adriatic coast from Italy to Albania.

And, this place is worth a little story about its history and attractions.

The settlement got its name from a local stone quarry (“kamen” means stone). Many palaces in Kotor and in Venice were built with this material. Some sources even claim that the rare pink stone was even used for construction of the United Nations complex in New York City.

For a long time Kamenari served as a border crossing point between Venice and the Ottoman Empire.

Before the First World War, it was a thriving town, the country’s Little Paris. There was a theater and a public library, founded by a famous Kamenari citizen Dr. Simo Milosevic — now the Institute of Rehabilitation and Rheumatology in the Herceg Novi municipality is named after him. The city even had its own naval fleet, and the ferry was already operating.

In 1899, a group of local residents opened a transportation company, the Bokel Omnibus, which had never been seen before in these places. It was a large horse-drawn carriage for 25 passengers. Omnibus took people from Kamenari to Herceg Novi. Now the city bus number 1 operates on the route Igalo-Kamenari-Igalo.

Verige Strait Panorama, Kamenari, Montenegro

After two devastating wars Kamenari became a small village, with a few interesting historical buildings. Now the place is gaining popularity due to the development of the tourism sector.


The Church of Sveta Nedjelja, rises on a hill by the shore of the Verige Strait. It was built in 1867 on the place of a more ancient temple. The church has the two altars painted by the local master Spiro Juranovic. An unforgettable view of the church opens from the water when the ferry from Lepetane approaches Kamenari.

View of the Church of St. Weeks, Kamenari, Montenegro

There are other Orthodox and Catholic churches in the vicinity. For example, the Catholic Church of St. Anne, a little higher in the mountains from Kamenari. The Church of Our Lady of the Rosary (Gospa od Rozarija) and the Church of St. Nicholas (Sv. Nikole) also deserve tourists' attention.

In the tiny mountain village of Bielské Kruševice nearby the ancient stone houses and a beautiful church of St. Michael the Archangel are remain standing. Tourists come here for the stunning views of the Kotor Bay.

Some historians say, that Pope Sixtus V, the head of the Catholic Church from 1585 to 1590, hailed from this village.


Nowadays, Kamenari becomes more and more interesting for tourists. Over the past few years, new fancy restaurants and beach clubs have been opening up here, attracting visitors from other cities.

Boutique Hotel & Spa Casa del Mare — Mediterraneo located in a traditional building by the sea offers royal treatment to its guests.

The restaurant and beach bar called Bocasa, will please any epicurean with innovative Mediterranean cuisine and romantic atmosphere.

Another reconstructed stone building houses the restaurant Adriatica. In additional to very tasty food it has private adorable sandy beach.

Between the villages of Kamenari and Bijela there is an oyster farm — Uzgajalište školjki Kamenari. You can taste and buy the freshest mussels and oysters here.

Restaurant Verige 65 and Verige Strait, Kamenari, Montenegro

Not far from Kamenari, in the narrowest place of the Verige Strait, sits one of the most popular restaurants in the Bay of Kotor — Verige 65. Luscious food and gorgeous views attract visitors all year around. The restaurant has a pier, so you can come here through the sea.

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