Paragliding over Budva
Paragliding over Budva
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Translation: Vera Root

When I decided to give myself a paragliding session as a birthday gift, I started looking for experienced trainers. Since internet reviews are might be fictitious, I wanted to get an opinion of a real person and asked a friend who took a paragliding course before. She recommended company called Budva Paragliding Montenegro.

The cost of session depends on the location. For me it was convenient to meet in Bečići and fly over Budva. (In August 2019 the price was 75 €, the flight lasted about 20 minutes). The time for the selected day — if the weather allows — is set by the instructor himself, the right wind direction and strength can pick up any time.

We made arrangements about the flight one week beforehand. On the appointed day, the weather decided to give me a present and canceled the forecast rain! At 12 pm, we met with the instructor and went to the starting point. When we were driving, I interrogated the guy. Did he count the number of flights? (No) His favorite / most beautiful paragliding site? (Kotor), etc...

We jumped from the car and marched to a small platform with a gorgeous view of Budva and the sea. In front of me, a young guy was preparing to fly with the trainer from another paragliding club, and for me it was a great example. It is very important to keep the right position and run very hard. My instructor made a clear demonstration, he took the equipment straps and asked me to run. I started jogging, and he suddenly screamed FASTER! FASTER!


The boy in front of me made a big mistake — automatically bent his legs. Do not do this! — my instructor said, and the boy’s instructor got angry, because the dome fell and he had to straighten it again. The thing is, when the parachute rises and starts to lift you up a little, it is important to continue running.

Paragliding over Budva

Finally, the boy and his trainer departed, and we took a position. By the way, I was not afraid at all — I trusted my instructor and really wanted to fly.

Having noticed the right wind, the instructor ordered RUN! Feeling like Forrest Gump, I ran as fast as I could! We were caught in the wind and began to rise, but I did not give up!

After a couple of seconds we were already soaring! I sat comfortably, took out all my cameras (you need free hands only for takeoff and landing) and frantically started to take pictures.

We soared smoothly like birds. I photographed everything around and just shook my legs and watched the toy-size life lolling below. Apparently my instructor understood that I was bored and offered to add some thrill to the flight.

Of course I agreed!

We headed towards the water (a good instructor will not arrange such maneuver above the ground) and agreed that if I feel sick or scared, one word STOP will end all torment.

And here the fun began! The trainer started to swing us from side to side, the dome was on the right, then on the left, then above, then below!

Breathtaking! I remembered the sensations from the roller coaster and shouted — with joy!

Very soon we proceeded to land. The technique is simple, when your instructor says RUN — you run. (Well, always listen to your instructor!) The landing site seemed so small, I wondered if we are going to be fine and not break our legs? But in a second we safely touched the earth, ran and did not even fall!

Fantastic experience! Now I'm thinking about a new adventure!..

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